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kpix 5's juliette goodrich tells us the competition is huge. juliette. >> reporter: well, liz, welcome to this home. it's in dublin, 1100 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. here's the kitchen remodeled. since it's been on the market for a few days, look how many people have stopped in. offers are being written up. the owner has to decide. it's not just the first-time home buyer trying to get this house. it's the baby boomers downsizing. this is the fifth home the lee family has looked at today. and they feel the pressure to not only bid but overbid. >> you're in a frenzy almost. there's overbidding. it's scary. it really is scary. a home going for $500,000, listed at $500,000 could go for 6 because of 50 offers or 25 offers. >> reporter: how does she feel about the inventory? >> you get so much less for what you're paying. it just kills me. >> reporter: while they are hoping to find the perfect home for their daughter to buy, they are competing with another
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group of buyers. baby boomers looking to downsize. >> just had 16 offers on a house. >> reporter: leslie piper is a consumer housing special with >> we have that group of baby boomers deciding they want to simplify their lives, they want to travel. they have aspirations beyond their homes. >> reporter: what's a baby boomer's downsized home in the east bay? less than 2,000 square feet, three-bedroom two bath, between $399,000 and $600,000. whether you're downsizing, first-time home buyer or investor -- >> before and after, so proud of it. >> reporter: -- this home seller says he appreciates prospective buyers who genuinely appreciate his home and the improvements he has mad. >> it's nice to get feedback because as someone who likes to buy an sell homes, it makes me feel good that i have done my
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job. >> reporter: he keeps the families like the lees looking for home sweet home. just in the time we have done this story today, we have seen cars driving back and forth people coming in to look inside. it's popular for this particular area. it's listed at $489,000. 20 years ago, it sold for $37,000. >> wow. these homes are going so fast and obviously it's so competitive out there. what can prospective buyers do to give themselves an edge? >> reporter: what's the trick? cash, obviously. in many cases for investors, but if you are the first time home buyer or want to downsize, obviously you have to be pre- approved. and a lot of other tips have the realtor that's doing the information for you in the information gathering but also have apps on your phone so when these listings come up you can actually physically go drive around and see what you like and see if you want to get that bid asap.
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>> thank you. speaking of dublin, one of newest and youngest members of congress is introducing his first bill aimed at helping small businesses in the east bay. eric squall well's swalwell is introducing a business. >> that first year that's so difficult for businesses to survive we're saying the federal government will get out of the way. you can pay us in years 2, 3 and 4 but right now focus on your business plan and hiring employees and on just getting off the ground. >> under the bill, the tax defers would be limited to new businesses with fewer than 25 employees and have to be located in underutilized business zones as defined by the small business administration. a bay area community wants to put an end to gun shows in its neighborhood. but the state is standing in its way. kpix 5's elissa harrington shows us how a bay area lawmaker is trying to get
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around that. elissa. >> reporter: liz better, the cow palace is used for all sorts of events. tonight a hockey game, an antique fair and a few times a year there are gun shows. some local leaders want to get rid of the gun shows but because the cow palace is owned by the state, the process has been difficult. >> reporter: people are saying enough is enough. >> reporter: the supervisor, people who live in her district and other community leaders gather outside the cow palace where gun shows have been held for decades. their message, not in our backyard anymore. >> gun shows do not reflect our cultural values here. >> reporter: after years of trying to ban the shows with no success, lawmakers are taking a different approach with senate bill 475 introduced by senator mark leno. it would require approval from san mateo and san francisco county supervisors before a gun show could go on. >> if elected officials from this neighborhood from the adjoining counties would like a gun show, they have the right to express that and if they don't want it, they should have the right not only to express it but be heard.
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that's all this bill does. >> reporter: currently, firearms and ammunition can be sold there without any local input. the main concern is safety. in the last six months, within two miles of the cow palace, there have been 75 gun related crimes. the venue is across from the sunnyvale housing project and the bayview. also near visitacion valley and the mission. some people who live in nearby neighborhoods say this bill is a matter of life or death. >> this gun shop bullet came at me. >> reporter: he was shot a couple of weeks ago while speaking out against guns. he has a violence prevention and youth leadership program. >> ain't no room for assault weapons on the streets. there ain't no room. you have people over here selling guns. what about investing in programs or educating people to know about guns? >> reporter: gun shows are popular at the cow palace. in january the crossroads of the west gun show attracted a record crowd of 18,000 people
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over that weekend. the next show is april. to be clear, the guns used in the surrounding neighborhoods were not necessarily purchased at a gun show. i did put in a call to people who run the shows but have not received a call back yet. elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> are any other cities in the bay area that already have these gun shows bans in place? >> reporter: there are. alameda county and marin county currently do have those bans. strange new twists in the case of a slain bay area grandfather. coming up, how the suspected killer saw a mystery solved right in front of her eyes. >> i got a chance to hear, to see, to smell -- >> how that scent launched a charge for change in the bay area neighborhood. >> over the past 24 house
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with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ ♪ death of an elderly man who had been reported missing. san jose bizarre twist in the stabbing death 6 an elderly man who had been reported missing. san jose police are trying to explain why they missed the body when they searched the man's apartment. kpix 5's mark sayre explains how one mystery got solved right before the suspect's eyes. mark. >> reporter: family members have been looking for him for more than a month. police even made a visit to the apartment. nobody found him even though he was right there the entire time. 69-year-old stanley jacobson was last seen by his family on february 4th and now, more than
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a month later, police have arrested regina butler and charged her with murder. his granddaughter says the family has always suspected butler, who the family believed to be homeless. >> and latched on to a senior that had an apartment and some place for her to hide out in and, you know, he's --you know, diminished capacity. >> reporter: police now say they believe jacobson's body had been in his unit at the hilltop manor senior apartment the entire time. it was discovered only yesterday. missing persons detectives even visited the apartment on february 22nd and did not find anything. >> i have actually seen the photos. they went in and actually did exactly what they were supposed to do, which is photograph a scene just in case it later becomes a crime scene. >> reporter: san jose police spokesman jason dwyer says the body was well concealed. >> not many people if any would have found this body. it was underneath a lot of clutter. >> reporter: the family had suspected that butler was stealing jacobson's social security checks and so-called
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-- and so called police when she arrived at the apartment yesterday. as police were on the way, bauer stalled butler by inviting her into the apartment and in a bizarre twist, bauer discovered her grandfather's body with the suspected killer right there. >> they entered the apartment and while she was visiting herself kind of straightening things up she actually located inadvertently the victim's body. >> at first, it was a relief knowing he was there. and then i felt the gut- wrenching that i have been in here three times and i didn't see him. that almost made me pass out. >> reporter: and late this afternoon, we learned that the suspect in this case regina butler has an extensive criminal history here in santa clara county dating back to 1986. since that time, she has been involved in at least four felony trials. quite a rap sheet she has. >> yeah, mark. police say the victim stanley jacobson the elderly man had been dead for a while.
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i mean, how is it possible that people in the other apartments around nobody going by noticed anything, the stench of a decomposing body? >> reporter: that is the obvious question. if somebody's decomposing for a month, wouldn't somebody considering that the granddaughter was in there three times, police were in there once, the police say that this body was concealed under blankets, under pillows, under all sorts of stuff to where it not only did nobody see him but apparently it contained the stench of the decomposition. that is at least what they are saying at this point. concealed very well. whether that was intentional or not we don't know. >> thank you, mark sayre. there's also an arrest in another san jose murder case. police booked 20-year-old vincent gallegos this week. he is accused of stabbing 27- year-old eric wright. his body was found at guadalupe oak grove park in almaden valley wednesday afternoon.
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a motive for the murder is still unclear. it's being called the central mark safety hub and tonight the new police substation in san francisco is up and running. it's located at 6th and mission streets and it's part of the mayor's continued effort to try to transform the central market neighborhood. that area is a known problem spot for crimes ranging from drug dealing to muggings. mayor lee hopes increased police patrols will change all of that. but the space will also be used for other purposes including homeless outreach and community meetings. >> all the violence reduction programs that the chiefs ask for whether it's domestic violence or other types of programs, can happen physically right here with the incredible meetings that we have with the community. >> new station will increase the central market patrols from 16 to 24 officers, which the police chief says is in direct response to the public's request for more police
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presence along the corridor. paul, we're changing our clocks this weekend. we're experiencing a weather change from yesterday to today. >> from wet to windy today. we have seen some strong wind gusts. did you feel it? >> definitely. >> kind of caught everybody off guard. we said it would be windy but then there's windy! today was the latter of the two. let's look at the wind gusts from this afternoon. ocean beach near 50 miles per hour about two hours ago. at sfo 44 miles per hour. point race also 44 miles per hour. novato martinez san jose also with gusty winds today. that's because low pressure strengthening as it moves away but the key part is it's moving away so kpix 5 hi-def doppler is 100% completely dry. as liz said, set your clocks ahead before you go to bed on saturday night. yes, that means the kids will be sleeping in hopefully an hour later. it also means it's a good time of year check your smoke alarm batteries and replace them, please do that this weekend as we spring forward. mother nature is going to
6:15 pm
spring us forward, as well. that big low pressure is moving out. it's moving inland over san diego where they had small hail and heavy rain today. they also had hail in tucson, arizona, phoenix, arizona, and snow up to a foot in flagstaff. the legacy of the storm for us was the wind we had this afternoon. winds relaxed this evening as low pressure gets farther away, then it's all about this big dome of high pressure building in tomorrow. chilly start, but it will be a sunny finish and high pressure is going to be with us for the next seven to 10 days keeping us sunny. as it gets closer to us it's going to be very close to us next week we'll have widespread 70s. we are springing forward with spring-like temperatures. how many times can we say spring? oakland 67, concord 66, san jose 65. redwood city sunshine for your saturday 63 degrees. a degree or two milder on sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday, low to mid-70s where we'll stay, 70s each day next week with mainly sunny skies.
6:16 pm
we have mobile weather out tonight. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is live on the new bay bridge. >> reporter: check it out. mobile weather, we are on the brand-new western span of the bay bridge. check this out brand-new concrete here. to give you a little proximity, back there is the toll plaza. people driving from the east bay would drive up this span here towards the skyway on to the suspension bridge and into treasure island then of course to san francisco. come over here and take a look at the current conditions. it is so cold up here! as paul was saying, it's been a windy blustery day right now 51 degrees. you factor in the wind speed that's very deceiving. there it goes up to 16 miles per hour, a bit of a bite into the air. barometric pressure has been on the rise due to the fact that we have high pressure now building in providing us with sunshine this weekend. that is so important because a major milestone is taking place here on the bay bridge before it officially opens up on labor
6:17 pm
day. the bay bridge spokesman is here to tell us about what's going on tomorrow. >> they will be pouring concrete for last section of the bridge section. >> reporter: how big is that? >> it's about 80 feet wide and about 1,079 feet long, about three football fields. the pour will be happening tomorrow at the eastern end of the oakland touchdown which is the eastern part of the new bay bridge. >> reporter: if i was leaving san francisco to oakland on the new bay bridge that's the part that's being poured tomorrow? >> yes. that is the part that will take you into oakland. >> reporter: this is not going to affect the bay bridge this weekend, however, though, right? >> no, absolutely not. all this work is happening on the new bridge. this will have no impact on the existing bridge. >> reporter: and it will be happening because the weather is going to be overcast for openers and then plenty of sunshine for the big major milestone taking place tomorrow. reporting with mobile weather, roberta gonzales, live for kpix 5. did someone say bay bridge?
6:18 pm
kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we're counting down the days, there it the clock is running, until the new eastern span opens in september. a pleasanton elementary school principal spent today working in her tinkerbell pajamas in a tent. she held up her end of the bargain following a school fundraiser. during last december's book fair she toll students if they bought more books than the year before, she would perform a stunt of their choice. there were three options. >> the first was eat a cockroach. the second was do the chicken dance in a chicken suit. and the third was to spend the day in a tent on the playground in my pajamas and that got far more votes than any other option. >> good choice there. students raised $2,000 more than the previous year. that money goes to textbooks and school supplies and by the way, students sent to the principal's office today were sent to that tent for the day. [ laughter ]
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well, its the strangest defect we have ever heard of. coming up in consumerwatch, why thousands of recalled cars are being called zombie cars. >> and why you might have a hard time falling asleep the next time you chew on a stick of gum. been wai the price of mattresses to fall? then don't miss sleep train's beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale. save up to 40% on closeout sets from beautyrest and posturepedic. save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. these prices are falling fast, but these deals won't last. the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale is on now at sleep train. superior service best selection lowest price guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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mary gonzales had a cold she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day.
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that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. intervention. kpix 5's consumerwa more on the recall tonight involving cars that start without human intervention. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains what's the next step for subaru owners with this unusual problem. >> reporter: yeah. as i mentioned it's a strange defect. cars starting all by themselves and running for up to 15 minutes. one of the concerns is carbon monoxide poisoning if that car is parked in an enclosed area.
6:22 pm
subaru issued the recall with key f ob remote starters it's 2010 to 2013 legacies outbacks and imprezas. dealers say today that owners with the faulty key fobs will be notified by mail for a free fix. [ pause ] >> well, they may love mac and cheese but two mommy bloggers don't love the dye that kraft uses to turn a childhood staple bright orange. the women have gathered nearly 200,000 signatures on in an effort to convince kraft to naturally color their u.s. products like they do in the uk where the additives are outlawed. the bloggers say the dyes are harmful to kids. kraft and the fda say they're safe. and this could double your pleasure. wrigley's is launching a new caffeinated gum. the new alert energy caffeine gum contains the equivalent of half cup of coffee. it hits store shelves in april
6:23 pm
with a warning not recommended for children. remember, if you have a consumer story idea, give us a call 1-888-5-helps-u or head to >> i have visions of these kids kind of caffeinated out. >> reporter: can you imagine if they had it? >> jumping off the ceiling. coming up in the next half hour the chilling screams of a crime victim caught on tape. [ woman screaming ] >> what happened while most of us were sleeping that might put a big dent in violent crimes like this. >> and new details on the deadly lion attack that happened in the central valley. why the victim's coworker sensed something was wrong before knowing what happened. >> the porch is gone. we have to rebuild. >> a famous bay area restaurant torched by fire. how one thing saved it from complete destruction.
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♪ [ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha ♪ with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] have a message for violent thugs like these: your days of oakland police have a message : [ woman screams ] >> now at 6:30, oakland police have a message for violent thugs like these two guys. your days of terrorizing the city are done. officers fanned out across the
6:27 pm
bay area today in a massive multi-agency gang roundup. kpix 5 reporter da lin tells us the crime sweep left at least one notorious violent group in ruins. da. >> reporter: ken, you're about to see the violent robbery they committed last month. but this morning's raid shouldn't be a big surprise for anybody because the oakland police department sent out letters to -- warning gang leaders to either stop the violence or be arrested. he chief met with the gang leaders in october delivering the message in person. it was all part of operation cease-fire. this morning, he delivered that promise. police cracking down on a violent oakland gang known as case gang. you're about to see what they did to a young woman. oakland police released surveillance video of an armed robbery that happened at an apartment complex near lake merritt last month. [ woman screaming ] >> reporter: two men one armed with a gun attacked a woman and
6:28 pm
ran off with her purse. the woman pleaded for her life asking the robbers not to kill her. police say the two robbers are members of the violent case gang in oakland. detectives say that gang terrorized the city by robbing and shooting people. >> probably the most violent young group of people that i have seen in my 25 years and i say that because the motive was really --wasn't your traditional motive, not for money or turf war. it was basically they hated the other gang. >> reporter: oakland police and 13 other counties, state and federal agencies went after the case gang this morning. they served two dozen search warrants in oakland and other bay area cities around 5:00. the agents also went after a second gang called the "money team." police say the raids resulted in more than a dozen arrests and netted some firearms. >> handguns with extended magazines. there were assault weapons as well. >> reporter: they are still searching for more suspects. the police chief says today's
6:29 pm
operation may have dismantled the case gang and they will continue to go after the remaining members. church leaders urge other criminals in oakland to stop the violence. >> you have the chance of life or death. we want you to choose life. we want you to put down the guns. [ woman screams ] >> reporter: as for this robbery, police say the woman was not hurt and they recently arrested some gang members. -- those two case gang members. oakland police will release the names of the people arrested this morning during those raids and their mugshots at a later time. they face homicide charges, robbery charges, pimping and prostitution, you name it, they've done it. >> yeah. a lot going on out there with bad guys, da. in a few minutes we are going to see the other side of operation cease-fire. thank you for your report. we'll talk about that, da lin. berkeley's chez panisse could reopen as soon as next weekend.
6:30 pm
kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us why the damage to chez panisse could have been much worse in the fire. >> reporter: mow of the damage was in the front porch area, the outside dining area. the inside was saved thanks to a single sprinkler. >> the porch is gone. we have to rebuild. >> reporter: the alice waters walked through what was left of the front porch. >> it reminded me of the first time, no lights in the building. it's just, uhm, the whole part of the front of the downstairs dining room is very torn apart. >> reporter: a fire in 1982 took down a wall and it brought up heavy emotions. >> it focuses attention on what's important.
6:31 pm
it's like i guess i have to pay attention to my home. >> reporter: the restaurant has been here since 1971. it's known for starting california's cuisine and using local and organic products. the good news is, thanks to a single sprinkler, the restaurant will continue. >> had it not been for that sprinkler, we probably would have significantly more damage because from the char that's on the structural members underneath the front area, it looked like the fire burned for a little bit of time before somebody saw it. >> reporter: firefighters first got here around 3 a.m. but they believe the fire could have been burning for a couple of hours before. thankfully, the inside is still intact. most of the damage was from the smoke. as for a cause, investigators are still not sure. >> it looks like it may have started partially underneath the building. so, you know, that's an unusual location at that time of morning. so all those things are being looked at carefully.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: as for plans to rebuild, waters says there is a possibility they may extend the dining room out to the porch area and expand the restaurant. as for re-opening chez panisse, waters did mention that she hopes to open the cafe portion of the restaurant as soon as possible. in berkeley, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> a preliminary investigation estimates the damage costs are between $150,000 and $200,000. other bay area headlines tonight, a guilty verdict today for the man who killed three former coworkers at a santa clara semiconductor firm. 51-year-old man shot and killed the ceo, vice president and hr manager of siport after he was laid off from his job in 2008. now the jury has to decide whether the man was criminally insane when i committed those murders. a san jose man pleads not guilty to attempting to detonate a car bomb in front of
6:33 pm
an oakland bank. the bomb was a fake. the man was arrested last month during the fbi sting in which he believed he was working with member of the taliban to start a civil war. and in san jose, police have shut down that massive tent city near spring street and west heading. the warnings went out days ago to about 100 homeless people. outreach coordinators are working to connect them with alternative shelter. the clean-up costs are estimated between 20 and $30,000. new details on that deadly lion attack at a central valley animal sanctuary. cbs reporter cathryn herr says they sense the trouble before the attack. >> reporter: dale anderson the founder of the cat haven called out to the sanctuary's remaining lion a female. he brought our camera to the
6:34 pm
lion enclosure where the attack occurred wednesday that left a volunteer intern and lion dead. >> some people don't understand the emotional tie you get with your animals. [ crying ] >> and with the people that work here. we're a family. and we lost two-family members. >> reporter: 24-year-old diana hanson from washington state had been at the sanctuary since january. an autopsy showed she died quickly after she was attacked by a 5-year-old lion named couscous. >> there was a significant trauma to the neck area including a fracture. and enough to in our estimation kill her almost immediately. >> reporter: couscous seen here in our video from 2011 was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy as emergency crews tried to reach diana. shortly before the attack, diana was reportedly on her cell phone with a coworker before she went in to clean the lyon enclosure. >> the coworker didn't hear from her again and assumed
6:35 pm
everything was okay. and then after a period of time, when there was no further communication, she went to see what happened. >> reporter: diana's body was found in the enclosure. she had been interning with the cat haven so she could work with large cats. >> she was doing what she loved and she did it with joy every day that she worked here. and she is going to be missed. i'm so sorry this happened. >> that was cathryn herr reporting. the animal sanctuary will reopen to the public on sunday. he recently lost his job. now he is the bay area as newest multimillionaire. >> that's it. that's it. >> how his love of pumpkin seeds led him to a $33 million jackpot. >> daylight saving time starts sunday. why critics say springing forward can cause serious health problems. plus we ask, is it even worth making the switch anymore?
6:36 pm
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the conclave to pick the next pope will begin tuesday. the college of cardinals of left the vatican today after they voted to begin the secret election next week. the plan is to have a new pope in place by easter. that person will replace the retired pope benedict xvi. a walnut creek man who recently lost his job can stop looking for work now. he just won $33 million. the man says he usually picks up a bag of pumpkin seeds when he stops by the heather farms shell station but on wednesday he chose a super lotto ticket instead. his wife a hairdresser thought he was joking when he showed up at her salon with the news. >> she didn't believe. i told her this one time believe me. she said no, i have to finish my work. i said you don't need to work, you can buy this store now.
6:39 pm
[ laughter ] >> the lump sum payout is about $23 million. he plans to start his own business and put some unemployed friends and family back to work. he would also like to buy his wife her own salon to run. >> pumpkin seeds to millions. it's about that time again to adjust your clocks. daylights saving starts sunday. tonight we ask, why are we still doing this?! >> why did you put so much hairspray in your hair? good reason why. you needed a little defense against 45-mile-per-hour winds. what a beautiful shot earlier today. chopper was up. that's oakland. we're looking at sunshine for you in oakland this weekend. how long does the sunshine stick around? the answer coming up. ahead, the folks at augusta national may want to get their tailor to start stitching another green masters jacket for tiger woods. and call the spca! there's a mad dog loose at stanford!
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very yes, this is the weekend,
6:43 pm
time to "spring forward" as america forges ahead with the tradition of daylight saving time. it was supposed to save energy and help farmers, stuff like that. but every time we change our clocks, we ask ourselves, why are we still using a wartime energy plan designed for a largely agrarian society?! meet sev ren bornstein from the california energy institute a world class expert on things like gas prices and airline efficiency and what not so he knows something about energy. now meet this person. he is an expert in behavioral biology and how we all tick with the sun. this week he wrote an op. ed. in scientific american calling for an end to the time change. so does daylight saving still make sense for us in 2013? >> if not, will we ever let it go and leave our poor clocks and our bodies alone?
6:44 pm
we decided to let the two experts have their say. [ bell ] >> it is all about human behavior and human coordination of behavior. >> it is. it is human behavior because time itself is a social construct. we decided at one point to divide the day by 24 hours. dawn changes all time and the time of dusk changes all the time. [ bell ] >> daylight savings time really doesn't save energy. it shifts when you use the energy. you tend to use more energy in the morning and less in the evening. [ bell ] >> there are many people that argue we're not just doing this to save energy. the effect is that our normal time schedules more closely coincide with when it's light. people go shopping in the evening and engage in other social activities. >> why not have the summertime all the time? and then there's nothing stopping individual companies
6:45 pm
from shifting their work hours. if they're working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for half a year they can work 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. other half year like in some countries where they do. >> we can shift to anytime you want and stay there and eventually people would adapt to it. the supposed advantage of daylight saving time, a one- time shift in a coordinated fashion. >> the switch is what can kill people especially the spring one. biological clocks circadian rythyms and it aches a long time for us to resynchronize. there are more traffic accidents, more accidents at work, more heart attacks. [ bell ] >> i suspect that any big change would be costly at this point. the advantages would be small. but it would not surprise me if we're still doing daylight saving time 50 years from now. >> 50 years from now i think we'll get rid of it because a number of countries have already gotten rid of it like
6:46 pm
russia did. several more countries, especially key industrial countries get rid of it, then the whole world will follow. [ bell ] what time is it? [ laughter ] >> mixed up. >> golf courses are going to keep daylight saving going because they want the 5:00 rate and people to play 12, 13 holes after work. >> nice in the summer where you have your kids run around at night after dinner and have a little time. >> especially with nice weather. >> the vote is 3-0. we're keeping it. don't mind the president, congress, no. bora. [ laughter ] >> outside tonight starting sunday this time of night is going to be so much brighter than what we have right now. we have this camera in our weather office a lot. it's cool. make a note to come down to the city and look at that. it is a pretty cool event and i'm sure your kids will like it, as well. different view of san francisco from oakland. camera shaking around because it's still breezy. wind gusts at sfo 43 miles per hour. current temperatures outside 55
6:47 pm
for oakland and concord at 52. windy livermore at 50. low 50s for san francisco and san jose. we are dry now. low pressure has moved out. had the rain yesterday evening. we are dry but back east, it's still winter as we spring forward. look at the snow in upstate new york. anywhere from 6 to 14 inches of fresh snowfall. there's the clock there. they will shoveling snow on sunday. plum island, massachusetts, erosion from the storms there. that house, mother nature 1, house 0. house collapsed on plum island very rough weather in portions of the northeast. once again, winter is still going. take a look at what's going on weather-wise here. we have our satellite and radar shot which is showing you that low pressure area moving into southern california dropping a lot of rainfall and even some small hail for los angeles and san diego, orange county. stretching east to new mexico
6:48 pm
and arizona. that low pressure is giving us the wind right now. gone by tomorrow. so we say we have good-bye to that and we say hello to high pressure. moves in starting tomorrow. sunshine, mid-60s. by next week, as it gets closer and stronger and is not going to move for about a week, widespread 70s for at least five straight days starting monday. so here's what you can expect. breezy evening tonight, winds relax, chilly. weekend highs in the 60s, next week i'm looking at 70s every day next week and we are going to stay sunny for a while. highs tomorrow in the mid-60s. livermore 65 exactly average. couple of degrees below normal for san jose. 65 for you. fremont 64. sunshine in san ramon on a saturday 65. vallejo 64. richmond 66. daly city 61 degrees tomorrow. milder on sunday, much milder on monday and look at those 70s. they are everywhere next week. highs in the 70s, monday through friday. that is your forecast. we will be right back.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
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♪ ♪ ...leading it off with tiger woods... remember those days? . golf, everybody. there was a time that this was the norm leading it off with tiger woods. remember those days? now he is back! big time. now, that is a big iguana. in miami the doral second round
6:52 pm
shot of the day off the blade of zach johnson. did you ever have one of these? rolls into the bottom of the cup. yeah. come on, it's an eagle. tiger woods 17 birdies after two round of golf a 65 today. most birdies that he has ever had after two rounds in his career. it's a star-studded leaderboard, phil mickelson on the board in third place at 10- under par. >> i feel like i'm playing well. i'm putting better. so it all evens out. and, you know, with the forecast of wind, i think that on sunday, hopefully i can hit the ball a little better and still maintain my balance and my feel on the greens. >> i lost him when he said i was playing better today. lindsey gottlieb came to usc looking for their 28th victory of the year trying to set a new cal record for wins
6:53 pm
in a season. >> these 40 minutes you want to be elite, show it. let's go out and play, yeah! >> show 'em, coach, go get 'em, and they did! cal scored the first 11 points of the game. that's jennifer brandon with a team-high 17. oh, man, boy, when rigby gets hot, forget about it, nails the three. cal led by 20. bears win 78-59 in the pac-12 tournament. the stanford women run with washington state tonight. the men huge win at cal on wednesday night. maybe they are catching fire the right time. there's a fellow on the coaching staff who knows all about that. >> reporter: any given afternoon, you'll find mark mathiesen at stan for the basketball practice. it's been almost 13 years since he donned a cardinal uniform. >> madsen throws it down! >> reporter: what a time that
6:54 pm
was for the san ramon valley product. >> madsen! >> reporter: four ncaa tournament appearances plus a final four in 1998. he got the nickname mad dog because of the intensity of his play. >> i think when people call me mad dog it takes me into the basketball frame of mind and takes me back and makes me think back to memories of when i was playing. >> reporter: some of the old mad dog rubbed off when the cardinal went to berkeley and handled heavily favored cal. when an altercation erupted late in the game, madsen got ejected for leaving the bench. the mad dog intensity is still there. his conditioning? eh, not so much. >> coach asked me if i could practice because we had nine guys. i said, sure. i could practice. said, you know, i was good. i was good. until we started going up and down. and so the flashback i had was, hey, man, i used to really be able to fly up and down this
6:55 pm
court back in the day. now i'm good half court. >> reporter: madsen was a year 2000 first round pick of the los angeles lakers. >> who let the dogs out! >> reporter: danced his way to nba championships in 2001 and 2002. he took nothing for granted in a 10-year career. >> i was drafted at the right place at the right time. had the opportunity to play with shaq. i played with kobe. >> reporter: all of his knowledge and experience, madsen is paying it forward. >> we have multiple guys on this team that are going to play professionally but hopefully, i can accelerate kind of their knowledge of post play a little bit by sharing the knowledge i learned. >> pac-12 tournament for them next wednesday. captions by: caption colorado hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all very much. thank you for coming, everybody. thank you very much. hey welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? as always, we got another good one for you today. i got a family back for their second day. from right here in hot-lanta georgia, it is the myers family. [cheering] steve: and from seattle, washington, it's the bowden family. [cheering] steve: everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new car right there. [cheering] steve: let's go! give me kelby! give me alnisa! ["family feud" theme playing] steve: ladies, here we go. we've
6:59 pm
got the top 8 answers on the board. we asked 100 married women--name a habit a toddler might have that you'd hate your husband to have. alnisa? >> crying. steve: crying. kelby? >> he poops his pants. steve: he poops wow. he poops his pants! pass or play? >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering] steve: hey, phi. how you feeling, malcolm? >> feeling good. feeling good. steve: good, good, good. well, let's get to it, man. we asked 100 married women--name a habit a toddler might have that you'd hate for your husband to have. >> sleeps all day, steve. all day. >> good answer! steve: sleeps all day. audience: ohh!

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